Links & Dots


Links & Dots is all about connection and adventure.

• FREE to play for life

• CONNECT two dots to make a line or connect four dots to make a square

• PLAY in moves based or Infinite mode and take your time while planning strategic moves

• ADORABLE, fun, and thoughtful game design in this beautiful game about connecting

• ENJOY beautiful minimalistic design with relaxing game music and fun sound FX

• CHALLENGE your friends to a dots match in multiplayer mode on Facebook or Twitter, beat their scores, earn badges, and be the champion of the leaderboard

• TRAVEL through beautiful landscapes and get lost in the world of Dots & Dots

We love all of our friends and everyone who has played Dots & Dots. Why not connect? Add us on Facebook or your favorite social network and send us your suggestions and feedback, as we are always looking to add new levels and features!



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Whats New?

Game play improvement
Facebook integration challenge friends and request for life. (Still in app review)
Reduced app size.