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Project Announcement (???) RPG


After a poll on Facebook, I’ve decided to go with RPG (Action), But I still need to come up with a name may be like (TriGuild).

Hi friends, This is a work in progress game in godot 3.0 (yet to be full alpha) the game is focused on showcasing the possibilities in godot’s upcoming major update in a decade. I will be using http://kenney.nl/assets/nature-pack-extended


I’m still in the process on joining pointers, so basically the game starts out side an/a (Adventure/Trading) guild in a village (name not decided yet) where the player is asked to register his name and skill-set, then the guild will provide the hero with requested ID and monthly support (Food and residence), later the hero will be asked by the guild to pick a quest from quest board according to the players current level (XP), The Quest’s will mostly related to collect materials (Sword, Gem, Plants(Medicine), Monster and etc) or saving villagers from monsters and so on, Now for the actual devlog.

Game Level

I’ll be using blender 2.78c to build the environment (Low Poly style), I choose low poly as I’m not that good with modeling 3D assets and I really love low poly, The following video shows how the environment really looks on godot, Will post more videos on my Youtube channel so subscribe :P,

And for the mountains I created them with landscape plugin with reduced subdivision and some random adjustment, Grasses is not yet added to the map and more details will be posted as soon as I figure out the MultiMeshInstance and lighting,

Adding SkyBox

To add skybox in godot 3.0, Add Environment node to your scene tree and set background mode as skybox and create a “New ImageSkyBox” under skybox section as shown in the image.

Now load the skybox images (Make sure the images are in square, e.g 512x512) to its respective places refer image, And now enter image size in Radiance size (defaults to 512).

Game Orbit Camera

At first I thought about playing with Quaternion and Euler angles but later, I went with Third Person Camera from https://github.com/khairul169/3rdperson-godot/  template and made some minor changes, The camera is implemented in a war by default when the characters is idle we can orbit the world with mouse middle button and while on move the camera works as pointer based (like - Prince of Persia),

In TPS template the camera and pivot is placed inside the character itself but this might create problems since I wanted the camera movement like being dragged by the character, This will help us when we implement crouch and jump animations.

Intro to Game inventory


In (TriGuild) we have two different Inventory system, As one holds the item for character upgrade (weapons/Shields), while the other is for trading related, Just like the plot suggests the game is about collecting materials and such so we don’t want those materials to mess with hero’s belongings and this second inventory will help us great when and if we implement craft.

Viewport in godot 3.0

In godot 3.0 as you know ViewportSprite is obsolete and now all you need to do is add your content directly to the viewport node under ViewportContainer, as shown in screen-shot (godot 3.0 still has lots of bug about updating _draw() calls so toggle visibility to force update viewport).If you are still with me, this is my first blog post in forever so if you thing I need to improve in certain criteria please message me or leave a comment, as for the next week I’ll breakdown character controller,Download the attachment to test the orbit camera.

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