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Indie game developer yet to make appearance on most platform. #FrogSquare #IndieGameDev


Some of the things I'm proud of.

Ipsum Feugiat

Link & Dots (In sale)

Rhoncus Semper

HappyCrush (Open Sourced)

Magna Nullam

Goofi (in development)

Natoque Vitae

GodotFirebase (Android)

Dolor Penatibus

Godot Ads (Android)

Orci Convallis

Godot AI

About Me

Hi I'm RameshRavone and I love games (especially classic ones), when I started programming I never though that game development as my base, I was a desktop app developer but the thing that changed it was, When I was playing a game it didn't go the way I wanted (it sucked), So I started looking into game programming so I can develop one with my taste and did found some resources on the net, Then it all went too fast I don't even remember how long it was and now I'm a video game programmer (I Guess).

And to speed things up I use game engins (yes I'm not an hardcore programmer to create his own engine), but got choosing a game engine is really hard there are like ton available out there and I tried a lot, And I found Godot Engine and that was awesome. It has an active community (one of the biggest) a friendly dev crue and a ton of features.


Welcome to FrogSquare!!