Game Developer!

Hi I'm Ramesh Ravone and I love games (especially classic ones), when I started programming I never though that game development as my base, I was a desktop app/microservice developer but when I play games it never went the way I wanted (it sucked, maybe I suck at gaming. whatever), So I started looking into how games are programmed so I can develop one with my taste and did found some article/resources by googling, Then it all went too fast I don't even remember how long it was and now I'm a video game programmer (I Guess).

And to speed things up I use game engins (yes I'm not an hardcore programmer to create his own engine), but choosing a game engine is really hard there are like ton available out there and I did tried a lot, And I found Godot Engine and that was awesome. It has an active community (one of the biggest) a friendly dev crue and a ton of features, what else do you need. Even though I still develop apps and microservices, what I enjoy the most is being a game developer.


Links & Dot

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Our first game in godotengine HappyCrush, (from which we created - Links & Dots)

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Links & Dots is all about connection and adventure.

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GodotFireBase is a firebase integration for Godot android;

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